A Guide To Buy Authentic Coach Handbags

Coach Handbag Buying Guide (Where, When and How)

Why do people want to buy coach handbags? The reason is simple. Coach makes great quality handbags with elegant styles at affordable prices. No wonder, we all love coach and we keep buying one after another. The real question here is where do we buy our next authentic coach handbag at the best possible price?

Yes, we want genuine coach. We don’t want to spend our hard-earned money for something that is counterfeit. Whether you shop online or offline, you should only buy directly from the source. That is from coach retail stores and coach outlet stores for offline purchases, and and for online purchases. There are many fake coach outlet websites that pretend to be the official coach outlet online store, some of those did a pretty good job in imitate the look and feel of the coach website. No matter how good their site looks, they are fake and sells counterfeit coach products. As of today, there is only one official coach outlet online store and that is I repeat, is the only official coach outlet on the world wide web.

Besides buying direct from coach, it is a safe bet to buy from their authorized retailers as well. To name a few,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Most of these are reputable department stores and some are well known online merchants. They are all coach authorized retailers. So, there shouldn’t be a problem buying from them.

According to our experience, the best place and time to buy is during the coach outlet online sale event at For those of you that never heard of the coach sales event, it is an invitation only event that coach hosts 2 to 3 times every month. There is a much wider selection of coach products than the online sales section from department stores and the price is usually pretty good. That is also why our site tracks the price of every coach outlet sales event in the past five years. If you are interested in shopping the coach outlet private sales event online, please follow this simple step by step guide on getting your coach invite today.

You could also buy from the sales section on many of the coach authorized retailer websites. They do sometimes have some good prices but their selection on sale might be limited at times. If after all, you still couldn’t find the bag that you want, or the bag that you want is from previous seasons, you may want to check out ebay or amazon. Amazon and ebay usually have great return policy even with third party sellers. Please don't forget to choose third party sellers with high ratings. If you don’t like the bag you receive, or you have doubt about the authenticity of the bag, or the description does not match the bag, you could always return.

For buying brand new authentic coach handbags, we do not recommend any site else. If you choose to buy, please buy with a credit card. Do not wire money. If anything goes wrong, you can always call your credit card company and still recoup your money.

This is our first take at writing a guide for purchasing coach handbags, we hope this help our readers in their future coach purchase. Please let us know your thoughts and advices. Any feedback is highly appreciated and we will incorporate your input into our future guide and when we update this guide. Thank you so much in advance. Please use the comment form below to give your valuable opinion.

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